Here’s where our “Resume Graphic Services” comes to your help.


What we do?


1. We take a look at your existing resume.

2. We ask in your own narrative, to walk us through your “Job / Work” journey till date. Capture all the notes.

3. Our Experts do extensive Research, Brainstorm and Voila! Come up with a format of your Info-graphic Resume.

4. Q’s & A’s take place between you and expert to finalize Your Info-graphic Resume

5. On agreement, We deliver “Your Resume Graphic” on “Happy Job Hunting” “Good Luck” Note!


Our Secret Sauce !


1.Resume Correlates to your Job

2.Bring in Key Words.

3.Use Numbers – Its Numbers that Speak.

4.Make it Memorable one for the Interviewer.


Why should I get a “Resume Graphic” ?


EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE A JOB. YOUR RESUME IS UP AGAINST 250 other resumes on average for the same position. 6 seconds is the average amount of time a recruiter spends scanning a resume.


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