About us

SwingKart.com is India’s First Multi-Vendor Cross Marketing E-Commerce Retail Platform. SwingKart helps retailers, service providers and event organizers to sell their respective products, services and events.

SwingKart.com is India’s First E-commerce Multi-Vendor Cross Marketing Platform which has been designed by E-Commerce Experts from Bangalore to focus more on reducing the online competition between the merchants.

At SwingKart.com, each Merchant (Retailers, Service Providers, Event Organizers) get to operate their own Online Digital Store which is more like owning a Standalone E-Commerce Portal for products and services without any setup cost.

Each Merchant (Retailers, Service Providers, Event Organizers) get this opportunity to even market their Own Individual Digital Stores which helps in Cross Marketing each other.

SwingKart.com is focusing to cut short on merchants daily operational cost while boosting and supporting budding entrepreneurs with multiple services while also enhancing the shopping experience for the Customers.


Our Vision is to help and support the retailers and services providers (especially budding entrepreneurs) with a One-Stop Platform.


SwingKart.com plans to add more to the Digital India Initiative and boost entrepreneurs from India.

Swing it 🙂

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